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You love soccer. It's hard to focus, though,
because your dad wants you to follow in his footsteps
and run the family business. You want to be a writer.
How can you help your dad but still write?

You live for baseball. But you and your brothers
are with a foster family, and a new kid moves to town
who plays the same position you do.
Will the team even need you?

You've played hockey as a goalie
practically all your life. But now that the girls' team
is gone, your twin sister is your competition.
How can you keep your position on the team?


Ever since your mom died, you've been homeless.
                          But when your uncle finds you, he asks you to move in, 
                                                         and you're not sure what to do. Would having a home mean
                                                                     returning to football, a sport you love?

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